Last week I was introduced to a new tool I can use to present information and make stories. In order to learn how to use the tool I made one that generates swimming events with goal times and stratieges on how to swim the race. If you go to  you can view this and play […]


This week I made a Storify to write a Digital Identity essay using 3 selfies and rehtorically analyzing them. By analyzing them I learned a little about my digital identity and how I present my self on social media. I learned that I present myself as and adventurious person and a happy person. Also that […]

Voyant This is my Voyant. I used all of my posts about my research and compiled it and this tool breaks it down. This tool adds emphasis to things I said often and calling attention to the fact that I said it often to get the point I tried to make in my writing more […]

New Findings

This week I did research and found some helpful sources to prove my thesis that technology and social media affect human relationships and happiness. I found in a survey that 90% of people agree that social media and technology has raised their over all well-being and has made them happier over all.  This is a […]


Marrium-Websiter dictionary defines happiness as: obsolete :good fortune;a state of well-being and contentment :joy; a pleasurable or satisfying experience. But I feel that happiness is much more complex than fortune, joy and pleasure. Happiness comes from doing what is best for yourself. It is being healthy and strong. Its surrounding yourself with things you love and people you […]