Full Research

Attached  is my full research paper on the topic of how technology and social media affect relationships and happiness. There is definitely more to be said on the topic but that would be an extreme amount of writing so I narrowed it down to what it think matters most and needs to addressed.

Artist Statement

My project is about proving that technology use affects human relationships and happiness. Throughout the project I found it was difficult to find sources because not a lot of research has been done on the topic. There was defiantly more on the happiness portion of the thesis than the relationships. But I dug deep in […]


This is an interactive tool that will help prove and exaggerate my point as to how technology has an affect through a possible real life example. It will also help you understand if you need to change your technology habits by all of the outcomes and address it and maybe get you thinking that you […]

New Findings

This week I did research and found some helpful sources to prove my thesis that technology and social media affect human relationships and happiness. I found in a survey that 90% of people agree that social media and technology has raised their over all well-being and has made them happier over all.  This is a […]


Marrium-Websiter dictionary defines happiness as: obsolete :good fortune;a state of well-being and contentment :joy; a pleasurable or satisfying experience. But I feel that happiness is much more complex than fortune, joy and pleasure. Happiness comes from doing what is best for yourself. It is being healthy and strong. Its surrounding yourself with things you love and people you […]