New Research Paper.

  How Social Media Can Affect Relationships and Happiness and the Dangers of those Effects.   Everyday people spend time on some form of social media and use technology. Technology has become a large part of how society functions. Social media use can have an effect on the happiness of people of all ages and […]

Dangers of Online Dating.

The internet has a major effect on a couple’s everyday life: the phone buzzes and takes away action from the significant other, couples share social media accounts, and they post pictures of each other. Nearly 98% of all Americans own a phone (Lenhart), this means each couple has a phone, which means technology is a […]

Full Research

Attached  is my full research paper on the topic of how technology and social media affect relationships and happiness. There is definitely more to be said on the topic but that would be an extreme amount of writing so I narrowed it down to what it think matters most and needs to addressed.

Voyant This is my Voyant. I used all of my posts about my research and compiled it and this tool breaks it down. This tool adds emphasis to things I said often and calling attention to the fact that I said it often to get the point I tried to make in my writing more […]

Artist Statement

My project is about proving that technology use affects human relationships and happiness. Throughout the project I found it was difficult to find sources because not a lot of research has been done on the topic. There was defiantly more on the happiness portion of the thesis than the relationships. But I dug deep in […]


 Kross, Ethan, et al. “Facebook Use Predicts Declines in Subjective Well-Being in Young Adults.” PLOS ONE, Public Library of Science, 14 Aug. 2013,        Leader, Jessica. “This Is How Technology Is Affecting Your Relationship.” The Huffington Post,, 17 Oct. 2014,        Lenhart, Amanda, and Maeve Duggan. “Couples, the Internet, and Social Media.” Pew Research […]