Last week I was introduced to a new tool I can use to present information and make stories. In order to learn how to use the tool I made one that generates swimming events with goal times and stratieges on how to swim the race. If you go to  you can view this and play […]


This week I made a Storify to write a Digital Identity essay using 3 selfies and rehtorically analyzing them. By analyzing them I learned a little about my digital identity and how I present my self on social media. I learned that I present myself as and adventurious person and a happy person. Also that […]

Digital Tool

So an option for my digital project could be to use “MapStory JS” which is a program that allows you to pin a link to a location on a map. The links coordinate with the location, so maybe an article I find takes place in Asia I can pin the article in Asia and then […]