New Findings

This week I did research and found some helpful sources to prove my thesis that technology and social media affect human relationships and happiness. I found in a survey that 90% of people agree that social media and technology has raised their over all well-being and has made them happier over all.  This is a large population of people that has reported that technology has made them happier, which can be hard to believe because it seems as if we hear about teens being cyber bullied constantly and we hear about people being Cat-fished. On the other hand when people get a lot of likes or favorites on position social media it bust there self esteem. So my plan is to discover if there are more negative affects than positive when is come to technology usage.

When it comes to how technology affects relationship I found that 88% of couples Americans use the internet, 71% use social media sites and 93% have a cell phone (Lenhart 2014), so technology is bound to have some affect because it is so prevalents. The impact that technology has seems to be pretty small considering that 72% of American couples say that the internet has “no real impact” and only 10% say it has a major impact and 17% say it has a “minor impact”.  And of that 20% say that it has a negative impact (Lenhart 2014). That negativity could come from jealously on social media if one significant other getting unwarranted attention from someone online. It can also come from trust issues form not sharing passwords which seems to be a trend considering that 67% of committed couples have shared a password with a partner.(Lenhart 2014)

So far there are clear affects of technology on relationships and happiness.

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