Social Media Use and Children’s Well being

The effect of technology on children is concerning because they are the youth of the nation they are the worlds future and if they are corrupted but social media that can lead to problems in the future. There are a high amount of teens and preteens that have taken there life because of harassment on social media (McDool 2013) this is because kids are hiding behind screens. Which I think will lead to cowardly people thus having a youth that is scared to go for what they want and dare to make a change leading to them not having an extremely successful adulthood. This in one affect that technology has and could lead to more dangerous things. But kids are also learning to network and use social media as an outlet to connect and form relationships (McDool 2013). This I think can leas to teens having a successful adulthood or career in business because they are learning networking and useful social skills at a younger age. Also kids use a lot of technology (McDool 2013) which is good because some people believe that technology is the future and if more people know how to use it and are interested the more advanced technology we will have in the future.

There is also the concern that social media affects children’s metal health, “there are concerns that ‘excessive’ time spent on social media is associated with low self-esteem, common mental health problems, and socioemotional difficulties,” (McDool 2013) . Social media is having a negative affect on kids at such a young age making life harder for them and can have an over all effect on there adult life, “Given the importance of children’s use of social media in the twenty first century, and its possible long-term detrimental effects,'(McDool 2013). Another way it affects mental health is creating depression from perceiving other peoples happiness as higher than their own based off what they see on Facebook (McDool). All of these are negative ways that social media and technology affect children and teens.

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