Artist Statement

My project is about proving that technology use affects human relationships and happiness. Throughout the project I found it was difficult to find sources because not a lot of research has been done on the topic. There was defiantly more on the happiness portion of the thesis than the relationships. But I dug deep in to primary sources of articles and was able to fine three real solid scholarly sources.  I found that technology does very well affect happiness and mostly in a negative way. I found that excessive social media use can cause mental health issues and depression in kids and teens (McDool). I also found that many couple say that technology impacts the relationship in a positive way (Lenhart. A lot of what I found was not surprising and lot of the affects are negative which is again not surprising because you often hear about teen committing suicide from online harassment and people cheating on the significant other online. But some of the positive outcomes surprised me. One was that social media is a healthy was for kids to build relationships and is a useful platform for them to learn how to network (McDool). Another was that a lot of couples share social media accounts which they think is positive impact (Lenhart). In making the project I had trouble figuring out which tool to use for my project. At first I chose Storymap Js but then decided to go with InkleWriter to then give a interactive way to discover how technology use can affect a persons happiness and relationships positively and negatively based off making a view decisions. InkleWriter is a chose your own adventure type tool and I my adventure is based off of how the decision to use technology often can change your life. I over-dramticzed the outcome of each choice to further covey my point. I also tried to answer the question “how can this be fixed?” through the InkleWriter. The most obvious being to use technology less.

I also made a Voyant to stress the fact that technology has an affect on relationships and happiness buy breaking down what I wrote about in my blog. I used my blog as my main platform for presenting my research and writing about my opinion on the topic and using my findings to back up my points. I wanted simply blog about my research because I felt its an easy way to get the information out into the world and I chose to use the other two tools to then display my research in different ways in hopes of gaining more peoples understanding. I took these approaches to sharing my research in hopes to real get it into peoples heads that technology is always going to be around therefore it is always going to affect two very important things that drive human nature- relationships and happiness – weather good or bad and I think that is something we need to be aware of going into the future.

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