Dangers of Online Dating.

The internet has a major effect on a couple’s everyday life: the phone buzzes and takes away action from the significant other, couples share social media accounts, and they post pictures of each other. Nearly 98% of all Americans own a phone (Lenhart), this means each couple has a phone, which means technology is a part of life and can change how the relationship flows. People also use the internet to meet people and start a relationship using online dating sites, there are major dangers that come with using social media and these sites to meet people. A few of the risks of online dating include: lies and deceit, emotional and sexual risks, and violence (Couch,Liamputtong,Pitts). People lie online by using fake profile picture and lying about who they are while chatting (Couch). The emotional and sexual risks include getting one’s hopes up and putting themselves in an emotionally vulnerable state when finally meeting people online and then meeting in person for the first time (Couch). The sexual risks include sexually transmitted diseases that is if they use the online dating sites for sexual reasons (Couch). And the  violent risk include getting stuck in an abusive relationship because someone can never really know a person just based off of online encounters and their match does not turn out to me who they say (Couch). All of these risks can be tied together for example if a person appears to be some they are not is lying and deceitful and these can lead to emotional abuse and possible physical abuse. Online dating is dangerous and extremely common in today’s society.      

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